Memory Traces   


NEWS: Due to the eruption of the Icelandic volcano all the performances at the Brotbrik, Berlin are canceled, but Brotfabrik is organising shows to replace canceled performances.


“Memory is a human ability to store experiences and bring them back to consciousness when needed.  However, the connection between memory and experience is not that straightforward, since memory has an ability to adapt according to conditions laid by the environment.”

“Artists of the Memory Traces -project trace back the memory of an individual, by reminiscences rising from artists immediate history, and guiding the audience into a completely new cognitive experience.”

Memory Traces -Finnish cultural export project was established in 2006 to promote Finnish fine art, music and theater outside Finland. The main target for the first stage of the project has been Germany. Memory Traces is a collaborative project produced together with Finnland-institut in Deutschland in Berlin, Germany

The first Memory Traces project was a Finnish contemporary art exhibition in the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz, Germany. The Exhibition was curated by artist/researchers Mikko Ijäs and Mika Karhu. The exhibition will now travel to Berlin, where it will divide into several art venues.

Memory Traces project also promotes Finnish performing arts. Together with the Koblenz exhibition there was “Hetki tuulen sisällä” -concert by Maija Kaunismaa & Yhtye.

Memory Traces Performing Arts festival is organized by composer Maija Kaunismaa and Satu Paavola. The main venue for Memory Traces -performing arts festival is in April 2010 at Brotfabrik in Berlin.

Memory Traces catalogue was published in January 27. 2010 by Italian publisher Silvana editoriale S.p.A.

Link to the website of Finnland-institut in Deutschland:

Memory Traces is a Finnish cultural export project

Upcoming dates:

April 22. – 24. 2010

Memory Traces Performing Arts Festival

at Theater Brotfabrik, Berlin, Germany


Ongoing events:

Opening on April 15.

April 16. – May 23. 2010

Memory Traces Exhibition
Minna Jatkola, Juha Sääski and Marianna Uutinen

Galerie at Finnland-institut in Deutschland in Berlin, Germany

Opening on April 16.

April 17. – May 23. 2010

Memory Traces Exhibition

Mikko Ijäs and Mika Karhu

at Galerie Maud Piquion, Berlin, Germany

Opening on April 16.

April 17. – May 23. 2010

Memory Traces Exhibition
Saara Ekström and Maija Helasvuo

at Kuma Galerie, Berlin Germany

Opening on April 16.

April 17. – May 23. 2010

Memory Traces Exhibition

Jyrki Parantainen and Seppo Renvall

with films by Jan Ijäs

at Galerie Brotfabrik, Berlin, Germany


Past events:

January 27. 2010

Memory Traces -catalogue

by Silvana editoriale S.p.A.

February 1. - March 21. 2010

Memory Traces -exhibition

in Ludwig Museum,

Koblenz, Germany

February 19. – 22. 2010

Hetki tuulen sisällä -concert

by Maija Kaunismaa & Yhtye

Theater der Stadt Koblenz

Koblenz, Germany